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Know precisely how EACH PERSON fits into your organization

Performica provides a real-time, cross-functional view of an organization and identifies top stealth performers.Performica provides a real-time, cross-functional view of an organization and identifies top stealth performers.
Alex Furman — Performica CEO and co-founder.

Performica is built to empower our clients' businesses, ensuring their success grows hand-in-hand with the effective use of our intuitive performance management solutions.

Alex Furman

Performica Co-founder and CEO

Performica identifies your top stealth performers.

performica identifies your real top-performers

Self-promoters and employees lacking support, resources, or guidance to fully realize their potential.

Stellar performers whose professional and personal impact is recognized within their teams and beyond.

Those whose actions are detrimental
to team dynamics, productivity, or the overall workplace environment.

Employees quietly delivering high-quality work and contributing to team's success, without seeking attention or recognition.

Performica makes you an effective leader


Your vision is only as good as the team that helps you execute it. 

Performica ensures you’re building a high-performance culture where feedback is constructive, unbiased, and based on data.

You can identify all of your stealth performers and make well-informed decisions about promotions, succession planning, restructures, or even cultural shifts—so you can lead your company with confidence.


Performica offers you an invaluable tool that revolutionizes how performance is assessed and developed across all levels.

Our data-driven approach minimizes subjective bias and the pitfalls of office politics, ensuring that the talent you’re investing in is evaluated accurately and fairly.

Moreover, our platform naturally incorporates DEIB into the very fabric of performance reviews, making diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging seamless parts of your company culture, without the need for isolated programs.


Performica delivers a robust ROI by improving the quality of performance data, which in turn leads to more informed personnel decisions and fewer turnover costs.

Our platform’s efficiency eliminates the need for redundant programs or tools, offering you a lean, yet comprehensive, solution for managing your company’s most important asset—its people.


As an HR Leader, you’re swamped with initiatives from talent acquisition to employee retention.

Performica simplifies one crucial aspect: performance management.

By giving you a granular, yet holistic view of employees’ strengths and weaknesses, our platform allows you to design development programs that are truly effective, streamlining your HR operations and making your role more impactful.


Leading a department means juggling diverse skill sets, personalities, and often, hidden talents.

Performica’s performance management system reveals the untapped potential within your team by asking questions that get to the heart of each individual’s strengths.

With data-backed insights, you can build stronger project groups, delegate effectively, and have more meaningful one-on-ones with your team members.


As a Frontline Manager, you’re in the trenches every day with your team.

Performica equips you with the tools to understand who your key players are, based on unbiased, reliable data.

This isn’t just about top-down feedback; it’s about building a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, making your life easier and your team more cohesive.


For all employees, Performica is a breath of fresh air in performance management. Forget the dread of annual reviews or the stress of biased evaluations.

With Performica, you’re assessed on your true abilities and contributions, allowing you to showcase your strengths, identify areas for growth, and have honest, constructive conversations with your managers.

You’re not just another cog in the machine; you’re a valued team member with unique skills, and we help you prove it.


Performica swiftly identifies productivity and team fit issues by utilizing its OrgGraph™ technology to analyze real-time collaboration metrics and employee interaction patterns, pinpointing areas where adjustments are needed for optimal team dynamics and efficiency.

Performica supports and retains productive employees by providing data-driven insights for objective performance evaluations, fostering a fair and transparent work environment, and offering actionable recommendations for employee development and engagement.

Performica aligns management and teams on shared goals by providing clear, data-driven insights into organizational dynamics, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring that everyone understands their role in achieving the collective objectives.

Performica strategically matches key talent with ideal roles by leveraging its advanced analytics and OrgGraph™ technology to identify employees' strengths, collaboration patterns, and potential, ensuring optimal alignment with roles that suit their skills and drive organizational success.

Performica swiftly identifies productivity and team fit issues by utilizing its OrgGraph™ technology to analyze real-time collaboration metrics and employee interaction patterns, pinpointing areas where adjustments are needed for optimal team dynamics and efficiency.

Performica aids leaders in making informed decisions about personnel by offering objective, data-driven evaluations of employee performance and impact, significantly reducing the likelihood of wrongful terminations and ensuring that valuable talent is retained.

Performica facilitates the promotion of the right people by providing leaders with comprehensive, data-informed insights into each employee's performance, potential, and organizational impact, ensuring promotions are based on merit and alignment with company goals.

Performica predicts individual employee dropout by analyzing communication patterns, collaboration frequency, and network connections through its OrgGraph™ technology, allowing for early identification of potential attrition risks and enabling proactive retention strategies.

Performica streamlines the performance management process with its automated tools and data-driven insights, significantly reducing the time managers spend on evaluations, team analysis, and decision-making.

Performica fosters a culture of engagement, performance, and accountability by providing objective, data-driven performance evaluations, recognizing individual contributions, and encouraging transparent communication, thereby creating an environment where employees are motivated and held accountable for their roles.


Performica architecture:

and People-Centric


Build the

Performica creates a detailed OrgGraph™ using digital trace data from communication and collaboration tools, and surveys, or both.


get behavioral

Employees indicate their go-to colleagues for assistance and support through Performica’s simple, non-intrusive feedback method.


get the full

Performica shows a clear view of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses aiding managers and teams in alignment.

Performica OrgGraph™ integrations.Performica OrgGraph™ integrations.


Performica's Talent Culture HR Tech Award.

TalentCulture 2023HR Technology Awards: Winner


Performica's Talent Culture HR Tech Award.

Talent Analytics

Best analytics, measurement, and business impact solution

Wharton’s 2023 People Analytics White Paper Competition

1st place winner

Work Tech Vendor

2023 Top 25

SHRMLabs’ 3rd Annual Better Workplaces Challenge Cup


Brandon Hall Group

Best Advance in Corporate Culture Transformation

Who is performica for

Performica is designed for forward-thinking organizations who value cross-functional collaboration, transparency and employee development.

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Case studies

From org1 to performica

This case study describes evolution of Performica to address specific people analytics challenges in a non-hierarchical environment, using network graphs, peer rankings, and surveys for data-driven HR decisions.


Key Insight

Performica's innovative approach to performance evaluation significantly influenced organizational dynamics.

London Gates

This case study shows how Performica, transformed London Gates Education Group's employee management by enhancing engagement, identifying key performers, and addressing workplace challenges.


Key Insight

Performica dramatically enhanced employee engagement, performance, and retention within a distributed team.

our customers say

Sean george

Former CEO Invitae Corporation

Extra information that can help understand and guide development and improvement for your teammates is an investment that yields immediate results, and more importantly compounds over time.

Performica has been mission critical for us to enable this in a data-informed, objective, fair, scalable, and at the same time a very human way.

How has Performica helped this business?

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Yulia Desiatnikov

CEO London Gates Group

It’s hard to calculate a precise ROI for an HR tool. But I can tell you, that we could not run our HR department without Performica.

How has Performica helped this business?

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Katherine Stueland


We firmly believe that unreliable data leads to bad decisions.

Performica provides the real data about employee relationships, engagement, and performance, which in turn allows us to build and maintain the culture we want.

How has Performica helped this business?

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Build a culture of engagement, performance,
and accountability!

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