Adopting Open Source Change Management: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Did you know that employees can take up to two years to adopt to a change? In today’s dynamic work environment, that means they’re never fully recovered from change. If you truly want to improve your productivity, streamline your operations, and achieve your goals, you have to go beyond the traditional ways of thinking about change management and adopt open source change management instead. Here’s why that’s important, and how you can get started today.

What is Open Source Change Management?‍

Open source change management is a strategic approach that allows organizations and their employees to co-create the strategy and planning for changes in the organization, talk openly about them, and take an active role in the changes about to take place. It’s an approach in which the organization’s employees are treated as trusted partners in the process of shaping their future. The benefits of open source change management for organizations include less resistance from employees, more buy-in, reduced costs related to organizational change, and improved employee productivity.

How Does Open Source Change Management Work?

Open source change management is a new way of managing change that is gaining popularity in the corporate world. This approach relies on open dialogue and a, and is focused on empowering people and building a sense of community. When it comes to implementing this method, there are many different tools that can be used including wikis, blogs, surveys, videos, podcasts and more. First, make sure your leadership agrees on *why* the change is happening, then solicit feedback from employees to ensure there is truly two-way communication about the change, particularly if it will be a large or impactful change to the organization. Target your company influencers (identified through Performica’s OrgGraph or other methods) to ensure they understand the change, their feedback has been incorporated, and they believe it to be a positive step.

Why Should We Use Open Source Change Management?

HR leaders should adopt open source change management, as it offers many benefits for both the organization and employees. One of the most important benefits is that open source change management can help employees feel more engaged in their work because they have a say in what changes are made within the company. This also increases buy-in from employees, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced turnover rates. It also greatly increases your chances of the changes happening successfully—Prosci found that when change management processes were successful, the related projects were six times as likely to succeed. Gartner also found that implementation times can be reduced by up to 1/3!

What are the challenges of using Open Source Change Management?

The main challenge of using open change management is the time-consuming nature of it. Sometimes changes need to happen fast, which doesn’t always allow for a protracted open source change management process. If this happens, be sure to over communicate and help employees (particularly influencers) feel included to the greatest possible extent. Also, invariably not all employee feedback will be incorporated. This can cause some employees to feel like their feedback isn’t valued, which will lead to tension in the workplace.

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