New additions to Performica’s Academic Advisory Board

Performica – the human resources platform providing users with key insights and step-by-step proven actions that saves millions, improves performance, and heightens morale – is proud to announce the additions of Professor Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, McCormick School of Engineering and School of Communication), Professor Heather Whiteman (University of Washington Information School), and Professor Keith Hunter (University of San Francisco School of Management) to its Academic Advisory Board.

Founded earlier this year, Performica has quickly become renowned in the human resources technology space for helping companies leverage retention strategies and their real-time data to create better workplaces. At a time when the nation-wide labor market is volatile, Performica is able to deliver a significant decrease in attrition rates, helping them keep their teams intact, engaged, and productive.

Now, with new additions to its Academic Advisory Board, Performica plans to expand its impact even further still. With their notable expertise in computational social science, people analytics, and organizational networks, Professors Contractor, Whiteman, and Hunter will aid Performica as it researches what the Future of Work will look like. They will also play a key role in helping Performica decide how to best leverage prescriptive people analytics to fulfill its mission of truly transforming progressive companies throughout the United States.

“We at Performica know that partnering with the brightest minds in the academic sector is core to our work, especially with regards to how we can better understand human interaction through data,” said Alex Furman, the Chief Executive Officer of Performica. “I’m thrilled to have Noshir, Heather, and Keith on the team, and I look forward to working with them as we continue to grow and expand our impact in the space.

I’m confident that we will accomplish great things together.” Noshir Contractor voiced his enthusiasm as well, saying “The launch of Performica is exceptionally well-timed to help organizations leverage recent advances in computational techniques to help us reimagine the “next normal” of work. I am honored to join my fellow Academic Advisory Board members on this exciting venture.”

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